Our Science

Organ-selective approach: Targeting the right biology at the right place for the right time, to optimize the therapeutic index.


At Theravance Biopharma we are pioneering a new generation of small molecule drugs designed to better meet patient needs, applying organ-selective expertise to biologically compelling pathways (e.g. JAK-STAT) to discover, develop and commercialize medicines intended for where the disease is active (e.g. respiratory) non-systemically. By limiting systemic exposure, we have the potential to expand the therapeutic index (TI) of our medicines compared to conventional systemic therapies.


Our approach leverages years of experience in developing lung-selective medicines to treat respiratory disease, including YUPELRI® (revefenacin) inhalation solution.

Our research is focused in the areas of inflammation and immunology, and our pipeline of internally discovered programs. The organ-selective strategy has most recently led to the discovery of the gut-selective pan-JAK inhibitors izencitinib (TD-1473) and TD-5202, in development for inflammatory intestinal diseases, and the lung-selective nezulcitinib (TD-0903) in development for serious respiratory disease, including COVID-19. We plan to advance towards the clinic other research projects with various mechanisms of action, each specifically tailored for the organ of interest (e.g. eye-selective), as we identify and validate potentially appropriate compounds.


In pursuit of our purpose, we apply insights and innovation at each stage of our business harnessing our internal capabilities across biology, medicinal chemistry, DMPK, technical operations, development, and commercial. Our highly integrated approach allows us to develop molecules that are designed to act where disease is active and limit exposure and activity systemically – organ selectivity.

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